Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Life stages . . .

So today was my very last day of high school. And I have to say, I'm gonna miss it a lot. No, really. I am. (I do have to go in to the building tomorrow, to return my astrophysics textbook and pick up my honor cords which I didn't even know existed due to being out of town for the honors convocation . . .)

And so this is like a new chapter in my life--not just soon-to-be-high-school-graduate, but a first-time sock knitter!


(The color's not great . . . this girl's flikr photo is much better.)

Some backstory: On Monday, I biked out to an LYS near my old elementary school. It had been ages since I'd been in that part of town . . . it's a K-2 school, and I don't think I've been there since my brother graduated there, 8 years ago. I wanted to get some circular needles for The Dumb Baby Sweater, and I like browsing and the walking-distance LYS is too small to not be awkward. And I bought some dpns and sock yarn, which took FOREVER to pick out, because I needed something that (1) was not ugly, (2) did not feel gross, and (3) did not cost 12 million dollars for a pair's worth. But I did find some I liked a lot. (Cascade Heritage, for the curious, in a lovely plum.)

And there is more to say about this little cuff, but I would like to get to SNB tonight and my mother has decreed that it is Necessary to Clean Up A Bit.

More later,


tiennieknits said...

Congratulations on your graduation!!! How exciting!

Merenwen said...

Have fun with sock knitting! I haven't picked up the DPNs yet, although I should... I have cheap sock yarn that needs to be used up.