Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Catching up

This is seriously what it is like inside my head! Except, you know, I've never seen Firefly . . .

Anyhow! I'm in the midst of cleaning my room, which makes my life take on a rather odd tone . . . and as a "pseudo-cleaning" activity, I'm "cleaning" the pictures off my camera! Hopefully I'll get all the way through the pictures I took around 11:30 last night . . . But equally I can't spend the whole day sitting in front of the computer; my room's a nightmare!

So we'll start about a week ago:

trying on sock #1

This is me trying on my sock, nearing gusset completion.

trying on sock #1

By the way, I should mention that, at this point, something (I'm really not sure what) had happened to the gusset, so that there were 18 stitches on one needle and 16 on the other, and the decreases had migrated from being on the same round starting that at the back of the heel to being on alternating rounds. Add that to the mis-turned heel, and my sock frustration levels reached an all-time high.

I took a break, to take a picture of my dumb baby sweater:

The Dumb Sweater

And a picture of my messy, messy, not-at-all-appropriate-for-the-fiber-arts room:

My room!

But back to The Sock:

What remains of the sock . . .

See? All wound up . . .

And I should be a good blogger, and tell you all about yesterday, but there is so much to say, so little time, and I ought to get something done instead of just reading with a little writing thrown in . . . I must needs become a Woman of Action!

Plus I don't think I have enough readers to necessitate "good blogger" habits. OR DO I?? Speshul extra commenting bonus: If you read this post and comment ABOUT THE POST, or if you do a real comment about any of my posts before I go on vacation (disclaimer: I don't know when we're leaving yet, just sometime over the weekend), and leave any variety of contact info, I will: (1) e-mail you a response to your comment; (2) comment on YOUR blog; and (3) friend you on Ravelry. Obviously, if you leave no info I can do none of these things; but then, such is life.


Merenwen said...

Nice sock. I still haven't tried knitting in the round... although I have cheap sock yarn to use up. And it was FREE! :) My mom was de-stashing last summer, and gave me my stash of yarn.

tiennie said...

Oh my gosh! You should totally watch Firefly. I loves it. Then watch Serenity after.

undeadgoat said...

Merenwen: you are incredibly lucky to have a destashing mother. Mine, um, sometimes bought me sparkly craft yarn when I was teensy?

Tiennie: Yeah, I know . . . I've been meaning to forever! Right after I finish
The West Wing, and Sex in the City, and My So-Called Life, and
re-watching the Harry Potter movies. :)

crochet4fun said...

I LOVE your purple sock!!!! I think it looks really good. Your fiber arts room looks messy but that is how my bedroom looks, so don't worry about it.