Friday, May 29, 2009

I did some mending!

So last summer, the plastic clasp thing on one of my favorite bikinis busted when I bent over. That was the second time this had happened to this particular bikini--last time my mom had sewn in a new clasp for me. Well, I was rooting around through her notions and what should I find but another bikini clasp--it turns out the previous one had been one of a set of two! I sewed two lines of split backstitch with a doubled all-purpose white thread, insipred by the stitching on the loop that the clasp hooks into. Also because this bikini's already busted two hook/clasp things, I gave it a little more length. I don't feel any pulling across the back--I think this one will last. No process photos due to camera cord AWOL-ness, but Photo Booth to the rescue!

I didn't take a picture of the busted bikini, so here's a dramatic re-enactment of my distress. Note the broken clasp I'm holding--it's kind of hard to see.

Mending my bikini - 1

It's kind of hard to get the right details in Photobooth, you know. Here's me demonstrating that the bikini's clasped properly around my back, and that one tendril of hair is right exactly where it shouldn't be . . .

Mending my bikini - 2

And now, because how could I possibly resist, some gratuitous bikini shots! (Did you know that if you put "bikini" in the text relating to a Flickr picture, you don't need to do any work at all to get views? True Fact . . .)

Mending my bikini - 3

Ooh yeah, hella sassy . . .

Mending my bikini - 4

MySpace cleavage shot--done for parody, not self-degradation. I swear!

Mending my bikini - 5

This one even got commented on by a stranger. o.0

Mending my bikini - 6

OK, this one might be a little degrading, but I'd like it if it was of someone else.

. . . All these views I am getting on flickr are tempting me sorely to exploit my youth & beauty for personal financial gain . . .

Oh and P.S. I'm planning on embroidering this Buffy screencap sometime soon (Season 3, ep 20, "The Prom"):

I'd actually really love to do an image of Buffy & Angel, but I can only picture it in cross-stitch which would be highly difficult to design without one of those fancy software packs. :/

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Curtains fail

So I've been trying to sew myself some curtains, but there was failure involved. I blame the thickness of the fabric (I think), as I was blaming the ancient-ness of my machine but then I kept having problems with my mom's newer machine. But I did discover that Singer hasn't changed their needles much and hers will fit in my machine . . . hooray! I did take a nice series of illustrative photos in order to write a nice Sewing Machine Saga but as previously mentioned, I've got no idea where my camera cable is. :/

On the knitting front, Miss Edith (Poppy) is coming along quite nicely--Ysolda will be at my LYS on Saturday, and I want to be able to show her something of hers I've actually completed . . . (Do not even mention Urchin to me. Please.)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What I've been up to

So I know a blog post is nothing without pictures--*nothing*. Unfortunately, I really have no idea where my camera cable is--it probably got chucked in a box when I was packing up my dorm room. Or possibly my backpack. But the point is, I don't know where it is. So I played around with Photo Booth to show off the cross-stitch kit I'm working on currently. (Played being the operative word . . .)

Cross-stitch kit

Cross-stitch kit

Cross-stitch kit

Also way back almost a month ago (holy shit, almost a month and no job . . . going to call Sabrina's mom *tomorrow* . . .) when I was packing up my dorm room, I took some pictures of my knitting just because. So here are the projects I took pictures of then:

Miss Edith (Rav Link)
Pattern: Poppy by Ysolda Teague
Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool


At this point she has an entire torso and most of one leg; I really ought to work on her more, as Ysolda's coming to Madison next weekend.

She’s supposed to look like me, at least eventually. She’s named Miss Edith after Drusilla’s doll on Buffy the Vampire Slayer because (1) I love Drusilla and (2) around the time I cast on I was being called “Miss Edith” rather often because Miss Edith’s always been naughty and needs to be punished. ;)

I wish I'd picked a plumper yarn; while I was at the store it seemed *so* important that I not get something that was ~6 yards short. Then as soon as I cast on I realized that it wouldn't have been the end of the world if I'd e.g. made her legs a couple rows shorter if I did run out of yarn. Oh well.

Monkey Socks by Cookie A. (Rav link)
Yarn: ONline Supersocke 100


Got yarn from my aunt for Christmas … she put it in a White elephant package figuring that if I didn’t end up with it whoever got it was likely to be willing to trade.

Since that picture was taken I have completely finished the pair of socks, except for the weaving in. x.X I know I know, bad knitter. It's just I've kind of been possessed by this whole cross-stitch thing . . .

And while I'd love to make this post even longer, I'm overcome by an incredible urge to actually so something. Later!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hi, I'm back

I was just going to write this long, very eloquent thing and dump it in the Cast On drop (this is like e-mailing it to Brenda but other people can see it). Then I was like, that is silly. I have a blog. I shall therefore post a version of this eloquent thing here, in order to participate in a community and also to get credit for my personal eloquence.

I just watched The Story of Stuff for the first time. I think it's a good summary of my personal environmental beliefs, and why I personally am taking Brenda's current theme, make Do and Mend, very seriously. While the video itself doesn't really talk about making do and mending, it does talk about the incredible amount of waste that we produce today, and the costs that are externalized from buying too-cheap goods.

I actually had first heard about this video from my local newspaper, which had a syndicated version of this New York Times story about the use of "The Story of Stuff" in classrooms. What really stuck in my craw was the way in which this video was portrayed as being political propoganda, even by the authorial voice.
The video certainly makes the facts stark and at times very political: “We’ll start with extraction, which is a fancy word for natural resource exploitation, which is a fancy word for trashing the planet,” she says at one point. “What this looks like is we chop down the trees, we blow up mountains to get the metals inside, we use up all the water and we wipe out the animals.”

What's the non-political way to describe this? "We extract the resources"? It really sticks in my craw the way that the right in America (as well as the main-stream media) has such a monopoly on "apolitical" language. Also how much more mainstream right-wing crazies are than left-wing crazies, but that's a whole 'nother rant.

One parent actually succeeded in getting his local school board to ban this video from local classrooms, on the grounds that “There was not one positive thing about capitalism in the whole thing.” Well, that's kind of the point. We are immersed in an environment that points out the good things about capitalism. Plenty of school textbooks (in America, at least, these are often total crap) talk about capitalism and how it's so amazing and gives us all jobs and cheap consumer goods, but is anyone going in front of school boards to protest this? Well, maybe. But teachers ought to have the right to bring in other materials that point out the dark underbelly of capitalism, as well as any other viewpoint that they believe is missing from the standard instructional materials.

In other news: I'm learning to embroider!