Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Does anyone remember me?

I know, I know. Lots of people re-start their blogs in January. For most of them it's probably a New Year's resolution type thing. Well, for me it's totally not.

See, a big part of the reason I have disappeared so completely from the knitting bits of the internet is that my camera had no batteries, and then I knew I had more AAA batteries but didn't know where I'd put them, and then kind of forgot. And now I'm home for Christmas (well, at this point almost done being home for Christmas . . .) and have no fucking idea if I even brought my camera home from New Orleans. So there you go.

But anyhow. In this magical month of not-having-any-homework-not-even-a-little-nothing-I-need-to-study-for-at-all-not-really, I have been doing a lot of reading. A lot of reading of library books, actually. It turns out (if you think about this for a bit it should be blindingly obvious why) that the extensive public library system in Madison, Wisconsin has a lot more knitting books than the university library at Tulane, or even the New Orleans public library system (although admittedly I don't have a New Orleans library card yet . . . I should get on that). And one of the myriad knitting books that I am trying madly to finish before I head back down to Louisiana and have to return all my library books (There are, like, 29. Don't laugh, this includes DVDs.) includes a book that I have actually finished--The Close-Knit Circle by Kerry Wills.

For the most part, I found this a fascinating and educational book. I'm relatively familiar with the subject matter, but it definitely did goad me into blogging again. Theoretically this is a book about the knitting subculture, which I feel myself to be a part of, but it spent a little more time talking about the knitting fad, which I think is kind of stupid, than was strictly necessary. This is theoretically one volume of many in a series about subcultures, including one about vegetarianism. If the author of the vegetarianism had spent this much time wondering if vegetarianism was still cool, their editor probably would have thrown them out on their asses. However, due to the misperceptions of knitting in the media etc etc (I just listened to Episode 45 of Cast On which touches on this subject) I suppose there is a possibility that it's not the author's fault that the knitting trend (OMG can it die now please? Can people stop assuming that because I am young and knit I am the same as people who will only knit the ugliest simplest patterns out of Stitch 'n Bitch?) is all over her book, because the editor might have been like, um girl, you need more about this knitting trend thing I been hearing about. Snip snap snizzle. Because that is 100% how I would talk if I were an editor . . . slash not.

Anyhow. I had a really happy holidays and in my camera-free time I have made three knitted gifts two of which are all the way in New Jersey and Harlem and things and therefore might never ever get blogged. But if my camera turns up/I steal my dad's camera in the next couple days, y'all can totally see my brother's ballet socks . . .