Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm so silly . . .

I was going to go to the library tonight, but I'd gone on a bike ride with my brother, & so needed to take a shower first, because it's all nasty out. I was being a bit lazy about getting ready, but I put on clean clothes, put on makeup, etc. Then I looked at the clock and realized--by the time I got to the library, it would be closed. So I am wearing clean clothes, recently make-upped, etc. for a night in. I'm probably even going to bed early . . . I seriously thought it was like 7:30 or 8:00, not 9:00. Silly "being light out late" . . . I had the next disc of The West Wing in, too! I really wanted to watch that.

I'd talk about knitting, or something, but I'm too tired to write something long, & don't have anything quick to say. Sorry. :\

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Catching up

This is seriously what it is like inside my head! Except, you know, I've never seen Firefly . . .

Anyhow! I'm in the midst of cleaning my room, which makes my life take on a rather odd tone . . . and as a "pseudo-cleaning" activity, I'm "cleaning" the pictures off my camera! Hopefully I'll get all the way through the pictures I took around 11:30 last night . . . But equally I can't spend the whole day sitting in front of the computer; my room's a nightmare!

So we'll start about a week ago:

trying on sock #1

This is me trying on my sock, nearing gusset completion.

trying on sock #1

By the way, I should mention that, at this point, something (I'm really not sure what) had happened to the gusset, so that there were 18 stitches on one needle and 16 on the other, and the decreases had migrated from being on the same round starting that at the back of the heel to being on alternating rounds. Add that to the mis-turned heel, and my sock frustration levels reached an all-time high.

I took a break, to take a picture of my dumb baby sweater:

The Dumb Sweater

And a picture of my messy, messy, not-at-all-appropriate-for-the-fiber-arts room:

My room!

But back to The Sock:

What remains of the sock . . .

See? All wound up . . .

And I should be a good blogger, and tell you all about yesterday, but there is so much to say, so little time, and I ought to get something done instead of just reading with a little writing thrown in . . . I must needs become a Woman of Action!

Plus I don't think I have enough readers to necessitate "good blogger" habits. OR DO I?? Speshul extra commenting bonus: If you read this post and comment ABOUT THE POST, or if you do a real comment about any of my posts before I go on vacation (disclaimer: I don't know when we're leaving yet, just sometime over the weekend), and leave any variety of contact info, I will: (1) e-mail you a response to your comment; (2) comment on YOUR blog; and (3) friend you on Ravelry. Obviously, if you leave no info I can do none of these things; but then, such is life.

Monday, June 16, 2008

A few thoughts

I kept having all these diverse thoughts about what to write. So I'll do them quickly and all-in-a-row, sans photos.

1. The gusset (I know! the gusset!) on The Sock is turning out swimmingly; however, the heel is mis-turned and so there is a HOLE where there should have been a p2tog.

(OK, remember where I said no pictures? I LIED. There are sock pictures.)

Some sock progess shots:

I had just turned the heel and picked up stitches. This was a very happy occasion, as the first heel flap had to be completely frogged and also I had to go buy smaller needles for the mystical Picking Up itself.

a heel turned

However, later all my joy was turned to woe when I discovered this hole . . . Oh no! (I was going to take a picture of myself making an "oh no" face but I haven't done my hair or washed my face or put on makeup and I want to spare you all the horror.)

a hole! oh noes!

But look how much sock I have!

vague progess shot

Look how much gusset!

LOOK at that gusset!

So I think any frogging decisions will have to be made after I have made the whole pair. And then if this one looks pitiful and pathetic I'l redo it? Maybe.

2. I need to vacuum my room. Madly desperately. You know how much stuff there is in that one picture on my bed? Okay, imagine an entire floor like that. Except that's the only skein of handpainted yarn and it is now safely in a bin, waiting for me to take it to the shop to get it wound, which I totally forgot when I bought it due to my handpainted yarn daze. Also my I-need-to-get-home-to-get-ready-for-graduation daze. But ANYHOW the point is that (1) my lack of organization is seriously getting to my ability to do things and (2) although I can stand living in a room with too much hair all over and dust in odd places, it makes fiber arts A Living Hell.

3. And I'm graduated from high school. Possibly the scariest thing that's ever happened to me . . . I mean, high school wasn't all that great. I've got a lot of regrets. But, well, school has always been easier for me than not-school. I've been too distraught to move at the end of two-week breaks before. So . . . we'll see. I probably should get a therapist. My guidance counselor offered to recommend some . . . oops.

4. There is too much stuff I need to do. I am supposed to clean the kitchen, and figure out what's what in terms of Stuff To Do to get ready to go off to college. Plus also I have 71 items out from the library? I should Deal With This . . . TOo many knitting books, I never ever want to return them. But I shall Have To Be Tough.

So what am I doing? I'm sitting in front of the computer eating cold noodles and reading knitting blogs, of course. I kind of need to stop . . .

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Life stages . . .

So today was my very last day of high school. And I have to say, I'm gonna miss it a lot. No, really. I am. (I do have to go in to the building tomorrow, to return my astrophysics textbook and pick up my honor cords which I didn't even know existed due to being out of town for the honors convocation . . .)

And so this is like a new chapter in my life--not just soon-to-be-high-school-graduate, but a first-time sock knitter!


(The color's not great . . . this girl's flikr photo is much better.)

Some backstory: On Monday, I biked out to an LYS near my old elementary school. It had been ages since I'd been in that part of town . . . it's a K-2 school, and I don't think I've been there since my brother graduated there, 8 years ago. I wanted to get some circular needles for The Dumb Baby Sweater, and I like browsing and the walking-distance LYS is too small to not be awkward. And I bought some dpns and sock yarn, which took FOREVER to pick out, because I needed something that (1) was not ugly, (2) did not feel gross, and (3) did not cost 12 million dollars for a pair's worth. But I did find some I liked a lot. (Cascade Heritage, for the curious, in a lovely plum.)

And there is more to say about this little cuff, but I would like to get to SNB tonight and my mother has decreed that it is Necessary to Clean Up A Bit.

More later,

Friday, June 6, 2008

I'm setting some GOALS!

So due to the magic that is surfin' the internet instead of successfully asking someone out on a Friday night, I have discovered a goal-setting contest. And I figure -- hey. I can have goals. So here is my list:

1) Make some sort of comprehensive sampler project by which I of course mean the Dumb Baby Sweater.
2) Make myself at least one sweater-type garment suitable for college in New Orleans.
3) Knit a skirt.
4) Knit something to wear at home in Wisconsin for winter break.
5) Knit a SOCK. Well, preferably two . . .
6) Knit something off my Ravelry queue.
7) Assemble a (relatively) complete knitting supply to take to Tulane.
9) Be good to this blog.

OK, maybe #8 is not really a knitting goal. And I know the other goals are all vague BUT I am a beginner. What do you want me to do, have this whole long list of specific projects?