Friday, September 19, 2008

So I have my own computer now

Hopefully this means I will be able to become a better blogger! However, I do not have the cable for my camera here (or if I do I don't know where it is, which amounts to the same thing, except worse, because I can't e.g. nag on my brother to mail me it), although probably I have a friend with a card reader if I look a little harder.

I know that photos really "make" a blog something special; especially if loverly yarns are being used to create awe-inspiring patterns. (There, I said "loverly". I talked like a pirate. Arr & avast.)

And I shall include some knitting-related content so that you all do not whither away and die of boredom. Specifically, I shall tell you the tale of my Quest to Knit a Sock.

Back in June, when I posted but had no readers, I discussed at length a sock knit with purple yarn. That got frogged. But I still really really wanted to make a sock! I tried again with that yarn. But it got stupid. I decided to try a different pattern, so I attacked Dobby's socks with a vengeance. (Ravelry link to pattern.) Except I was knitting really really loosely, so I decided to be lazy and go down a size. Then my knitting tightened up. I wasn't concerned at first, but once I had finished all the knitting and was about to embark on the grafting, I tried the thing on. And it didn't fit. At all. So the thing is hibernating. (By the say, this was the stripy sock, not one of the colorwork socks. So the inevitable frogging will not be *that* painful.)

But the purple yarn has returned--I decided to go with a plug-in-your-numbers sock pattern, namely the Universal toe-up sock pattern from Knitty. However I misread the math, and so my toe is too big. However! I tried it on and caught the problem early, and so will be re-casting-on, maytbe after double-checking my guage. For luck.

Oh, and I also have no social life in college. I'm not quite sure how that happened. And today I skipped a class and called in sick for my job for no good reason. But more on that later--I must needs head to the dining hall, for it closes at 8.

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