Friday, August 29, 2008

An Update

So I know nobody reads this blog. Especially when there aren't any pictures. But I still feel the need to give an update on my life -- I totally will end up connecting it to knitting, too!

As some of you know, I am going to school at Tulane, in New Orleans. As probably many of you know, New Orleans is a hurricane-antsy city. And as those of you who pay enough attention to the news know, Hurricane Gustav is headed, slowly but surely, into the gulf, and at this point the projection is that it will veer slightly to the west of us but we will be hit by the edge. Anyhow, the university has ordered an evacuation, and I (not having the sort of family tat can afford to drop $699 on a plane ticket on the drop of a hat, especially considering that I want to come home for Thanksgiving) am getting on a university bus and heading up to Jackson State university to stay in a gym. I have packed essentials, really random shit, and too much knitting and too many books. Including my schoolbooks. I'm going to remove the random shit. Because really, it's not going to be that bad. Really, it's not. I put my bike up in the room, though. And in the event of an extension of the evacuation, I am 100% flying home out of Jackson. Because really I do not want to sleep in a gym.

More later,


Jane said...

Hope the stay in the gym isn't too bad. Maybe you can start the Jackson State Gym Stitch n Bitch.

PS Read your blog to get updates on Gustav. Are you sure Spain wasn't a better choice?

undeadgoat said...

It's like a huge co-ed slumber party with too many kids with guitars. And we get to go to the movies! Whoo!