Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The awful horror that has become of my bag

I felted my Butternut Squash Marsupial Tote today. It was not what you might call a "success".

So the pouch, which was the main reason I liked this project? TOTALLY FAILED. I don't know where my camera is, and I have already gotten rid of some of the horror that was I-Cord felted with a piece of my hair (I ought to declutter my room and vacuum before I do any more knitting . . . I really ought . . .) but the larger point is that the pouch got weirdly stretched because the I-cord got sort of twirled around the agitator because um I am a beginning knitter, I thought if I put the pouch inside the purse it might felt to it, or something, and I didn't think of everything that could go wrong from doing it my way. So I have a lovely felted tote, a lovely piece of felted I-cord, and a RUINED little pouch thing. Maybe when I am less mad and they are dried I will sew them together in such a way that the absolute MADNESS that is my miniature pouch (I wish I had pictures, they're really quite insane) is somehow structurally sound.

But um if I had only wanted the tote and not the tote-with-pouch combo I would totally have an awesomely kick-ass tote bag drying dripping in my basement . . .

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