Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Thinking about doing Tour de Fleece this summer. Not that I'll be watching the Tour de France, but I have two spindles and two hibernating spinning projects. How embarrassing! So my goal would either to finish both projects, or to finish the spinning for Urchin completely and achieving some good solid progress on the red fiber. Or to spin every day on those two projects as well as finishing Urchin spinning Or something. Hmm . . . I'll keep thinking about this.


Linda said...

I never got response from you on the 3 emails I sent on winner the Born again Vintage book from Craft Gossip Felting. I need your full name and address to send the book out. Email me at lulu5156@roadrunner.com. Thank you! :)


larissa said...

Thank you for the note about the Melanie Falick contest. I thought the deadline was 9:30 PM, not AM. I appreciate you pointing it out!