Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A vignette

I work at a public secondary school here in New Orleans that is almost entirely black. I help out in an 8th grade English class, working one-on-one or just generically helping kids with questions.

I went in today and the kids were just so happy and in that moment it didn't matter that I had missed out on the victory party with the local staff because these 8th grade kids are going to grow up in an America that has closed Guantánamo and maybe they will see that they (and me and all of us) are the ones to do what needs doing.

(They asked me if I voted & who I voted for & I showed them my bag with an Obama sticker and Obama buttons and they all cheered. Except for the two Vietnamese kids. If we end up with a Republican congressman he will be Vietnamese.)


A Day That Is Dessert said...

My son's first grade class in Seattle had 17 votes for Obama, 0 for anyone else. The class is predominantly white - one african american and a couple of asian children. It's been a happy week for us!

maryeb said...

Saw your blog on ravelry.
What an interesting and thoughtful post.