Friday, October 31, 2008

Can I post every day? Do I want to?

OK, first off, I just realized that I was really stupid to not realize that the reply-to for my comment e-mails would go to the commenter. So it's totally possible for me to have little conversations with my readers and actually, you know, make friends. So if you want to make friends, and not just be absorbed by my wit, please comment! For reals. Because making friends is totally awesome.

Also, in a fit of crazy, I have signed up for NaBloPoMo. What I'm going to try to do is build up a "cushion" of posts and set them to post in the future. So this is like an experiment post, to see if I know how to get that feature to work.

Also, expect my posts to become more pithy in future. If you ask me a question in the comments about my projects/etc, there is a good probability the answer will turn into a post.

Anyhow, I need to get back to my homework, so this post will not be a long one.

Obama cowl

You all may remember my Obama t-shirt--it's been a pretty frequent subject of my blog posts. Well, it was kind of dying. As I posted on its Ravelry description:
10/27: Oh, my god. Absolutely everything about this sweater is wrong. Everything. I might salvage the intarsia and make a “HOPE” cowl, or something, but … yeah. This is not going to be a sweater. Cockiness is not a good thing in garment-making, apparently. Who know? :P

So I have decided to remove the intarsia from the sweater back, and make a cowl. Since I took that picture, with its odd gaping maw, I have completely removed the top of the sweater back from the intarsia's bottom, and done an I-cord bind-off in the dark blue yarn. I plan to make something resembling a wearable cowl out of this thing on Friday, and wear it for the remainder of my phonebanking shifts.

Speaking of intarisa, look at this close-up:

Obama cowl

Do you see the loose stitches at the "corners" of the letters? (They didn't show up any better in any of the pictures I got taken before sunset; you can see bigger versions if you click through to Flickr.) And do you see how there are a lot more in the "P", and relatively few in the "O"? Those stitches generally are right near a tail of yarn.

And as you can see, I've woven in most of the ends on the "O" . . .

Obama cowl

It's like a puzzle, figuring out where all those fiddly little ends should go.


inkberryblue said...

Your t~shirt/cowl looks really cute. (I didn't even notice the loose stitches until you mentioned them.) I crochet and it is sooooooooooo easy to fix mistakes in comparison with knitting, so I really admire your persistence.

Ceci said...

I like the intarsia! Whatever it finally becomes, wear it with pride. :) Or hope, I should say. And hang in there, it gets easier. In fact, when you're weaving in ends, first give em a nice gentle pull til the fabric looks even and I bet those holes will disappear!

Found you on the Comment Train (choo, choo!)

PS hehehe, your Word Verification dealie made me type "likers." Are you trying to force us to become your friends subliminally? ;)